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Girl Wars Online Tips: Resetting Your Account

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Starting over may be just what the doctor ordered, and Girl Wars Online makes it profitable.

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    Girl Wars Beginning

    Girl Wars Online requires the same attentiveness that the rest of its sibling games, like iMob Online and iVampires Online, do. This means making every step perfect right from the start of your Girl Wars Online account. Following Girl Wars Online tips and tricks is a good way to do this, but even the most conscious players sometimes slip up and make mistakes. These mistakes can often set your Girl Wars Online account so off track that you never will be able to recover. You may have leveled up too soon, spent your statistic increases in the wrong place, or even created strong enemies on your level. At these points in Girl Wars Online, the best thing to do is to follow one solid gaming tip: start over. Girl Wars Online, as the rest in its series, has a built in “self destruct” button that will let you bring all your acquired numbers back to zero. This function may be just what you need to get a Girl Wars Online account that is top rank.

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    Resetting Your Account

    If you have decided you want to start over completely, open up Girl Wars Online and look at the main Home menu. Scroll down the list and find the My Profile button, which is located directly below the Girls On Top option and above the My Crew page. When you select My Profile you will be given a detailed page with all of your Girl Wars Online account information. On the very top will be an option to both view and post comments, and below that is the numbers for Stats and Performance. This is followed by listings of the Must Haves, Accessories, Vehicles, and profitable Real Estate that you own. If you scroll down all the way past all of these things, you will come on a dark button that says Reset in the middle. When you press that, you will be asked again if you want to reset your Girl Wars Online account. If you say yes then Girl Wars Online will rid you of all your levels, property, items, and statistical increases.

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    Friend Code Surprise

    The one thing that Girl Wars Online will let you keep is your Crew. This is a great thing because it still reward you for the Friend Codes you invited and the areas you spread your Friend Code to. This is done so that you do not affect any other Girl Wars Online account when you reset yours, and it keeps your Friend Code valid so that no matter where you posted it you can still get invites. This is a perfect way to acquire friends and then have a large Crew at the opening levels. This could be one of the most efficient Girl Wars Online tips for starting out.