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Wild West Tips: The Clinic

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for using the Clinic in Wild West, which is where you go to pay for healing.

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    Heal Me Up

    Another standard function in all MMO text-based iPhone RPGs is a place to heal yourself. Along with a location to spend paid cheat points and secure your finances from other players will be a location that you can pay to heal yourself. PlayMesh's Wild West includes this feature just like the rest of them and its name is relatively obvious. Here are some tips for using the Wild West Clinic.

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    Wild West Clinic

    When you need to regenerate a little bit, find Clinic from the main Wild West portrait view, which is under Bank and above PlayMesh. The Wild West Clinic will be one of the most minimalist displays in the entire game.

    If you have full health the only thing in the Wild West Clinic will be a sentence telling you that you do not need to visit the doctor. When you are not at a full Wild West health bar there will be a simple statement in red text telling you the Heal Cost. Directly below this is a blue rectangle button that says Heal in it. When you press the Heal button you will pay the payment of Wild West cash from your Bank. You can only use cash from your Bank account, so you have to make sure that you have a balance in there. You cannot use the regular Wild West cash that you have off hand.

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    Clinic Tips

    Using the Wild West Clinic is debatable even at best. First, it requires you to use the Wild West Bank, which takes a ten percent fee from your deposit. This already adds an extra cost to your total price at the Wild West Clinic. On top of this, the Wild West Clinic is expensive, especially when you keep in mind that you are going to regenerate on your own without assistance. This boils down the need to use the Wild West Clinic to only a few occasions.

    One of the main reasons to use the Wild West Clinic is if you want to do long periods of fighting, but this is only practical later on when you have a lot more available stamina. Only heal yourself enough to complete the tasks you want and then leave yourself damaged. If cash is your main Wild West concern then you should stay away from this completely. If you are in the first fifteen levels you should stay away from the Wild West Clinic completely.