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Horticulture in Hyrule: Plant Magic Beans in Zelda 3D and Reap the Rewards

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Planting magic beans as Young Link in Ocarina of Time 3D can earn some exclusive rewards for those who return later as Adult Link. Find out where to plant all ten magic beans, as well as the rewards each magic plant will help you reach in our full guide.

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    Legend of Zelda 3D One advantage to a game that takes place in two distinct time periods is being able to see the long-term results of actions you take in the earlier time. The magic beans in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D are a perfect example of what I mean. Plant them in the past, then come back as Adult Link and see just what has grown.

    These beans can only be purchased in one place and can only be planted in soft soil that you’ll find located all throughout Hyrule. Our guide to magic beans in Ocarina of Time 3D has locations for each plant location, as well as a list of the rewards you’ll reap for planting them.

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    Magic Beans

    Magic beans can only be purchased by Young Link. You’ll find the gluttonous individual selling them near the entrance of Zora’s River. He’s sitting near the first gate that blocks your path, continually devouring the contents of a bag he holds.

    The beans start out cheap enough at ten rupees, but each one you purchase increases in price by ten more, as the “demand" increases. To buy all ten, you’ll need a total of 550 rupees, and you’ll have to make several trips to collect them.

    Magic beans can only be planted in special brown patches of “soft soil." When Young Link plants them, a tiny plant will sprout. Return to the same spot seven years later as Adult Link and you’ll find a fully-grown magic plant ready to transport you to a shortcut, power up, or piece of heart.

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    Soft Soil Locations

    Jabu-Jabu The first patch of soft soil is easy enough to find, as it’s located right next to the hungry fellow who sells you the beans. Return as Adult Link and you’ll find that a very helpful plant has appeared, one that carries you all the way up the river.

    The second soft soil patch is found near Link’s home in Kokiri Forest. Planting a magic bean in the patch near the shop will result in a fully-grown plant that lifts Link up to grab a bunch of bonus rupees.

    Patch number three is found in the Lost Woods. From the entrance in Kokiri Forest, take the first and second lefts. Plant a magic bean here and it will grow into a shortcut that will make exiting the woods much faster and easier.

    The fourth patch is also in the Lost Woods. From the entrance, go right, left, right, left, and then left. The plant that grows here will lift Link up so that he can collect an out of reach Gold Skulltula.

    Earn Pieces of Heart Magic bean location number five is near the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern on Death Mountain Trail. This plant will help you climb the mountain more quickly, and also allows you access to a piece of heart.

    A piece of heart is your reward for careful placement of a magic bean in the sixth patch of soft soil. To find it, head into the Kakariko Village Graveyard and look for a patch of soft soil on the Western edge of the graveyard. Once it matures, it will lift Link onto the nearby ledge.

    Find the seventh patch of soft soil at Lake Hylia, next to the Lakeside Laboratory. Plant a bean here and come back as Adult Link to ride a bloom up to the roof to collect a piece of heart.

    Patch number eight is found in Death Mountain Crater. Right next to where you materialize when you play the Bolero of Fire to warp to the crater is a patch of soft soil. As Adult Link, this plant will carry you up to a nearby piece of heart.

    The ninth patch of soft soil is found at the bottom of the waterfall in Gerudo Valley. You’ll need to use a cucco to glide out to the planting location. When you return as Adult Link, this plant will carry you up to a piece of heart.

    The tenth and final patch of soft soil is found near the Desert Colossus just outside the Spirit Temple. Riding the plant that grows here will allow Adult Link to collect a iece of heart and a Gold Skulltula.

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    More Zelda 3D Information

    Magic bean planting is just one of the activities that Link can engage in to earn some bonus items. Be sure to check out our guide to finding all the Fairy Fountains in Legend of Zelda 3D for more secret power up action.

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