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    • Get Your Mafia Ready for this Ultimate Guide to Zynga’s Mafia Wars
      A comprehensive guide to Mafia Wars. Find out about the job tiers, loot, quest items, cheats, bots, and more. Read this guide while your energy is refilling, and you might learn a few things about the game.
    • Top 3 Facebook Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks
      The dedicated Facebook gamer in search of Mafia Wars tips is sure to appreciate three must-know tricks that make leveling up and competing in fights an easy road. Game-savvy Mafia Wars tips include bankrolling game-play and manipulating the wish- and hit-lists.
    • Complete Guide on How To Build Your Mafia In Mafia Wars
      If you're wondering how to build your mafia in mafia wars, don't worry. Read this to find out four ways you can get your mafia size to the max quickly.
    • The Truth Behind Mafia Wars Cheats and Bots
      If you play Mafia Wars regularly on Facebook then you have probably searched long and hard for good cheats that actually work. Are you sick of running into dead ends? This article will include relevant and updated information about Mafia Wars cheats and bots...what works and what won't.
    • Mafia Wars - Capo Job Guide
      Mafia Wars is a popular application on the social networking site, Facebook. Check out this job guide for the New York tier, Capo for players at a level of 25 to 34! Find out what special items you'll get, requirements and even the possible amount of loot you can make!
    • Facebook Mafia Wars Game Guide: Cuba 's El Capitan Tier
      Are you ready for more Cuban action and artillery? Then wait no longer because the second job tier for the Facebook application, Mafia Wars is out and this time we're going to bulldoze through the Cuban territories with the El Capitan job tier with the help of this detailed game guide.
    • Is there a Mafia Wars Code of Conduct?
      There is no official Mafia Wars etiquette that is part and parcel of the game rules. Numerous players follow an unwritten and common sense code of conduct that nevertheless makes playing Mafia Wars more enjoyable for players of all levels.
    • Facebook Mafia Wars: Cuba's El Soldado Guide
      Check out the in depth guide for the Facebook MMO, Mafia Wars! We're done with conquering New York and now it's time to break out the champagne in Cuba! But will all grand things we have to start at the bottom so here's the guide for Cuba's El Soldado. Good luck and good gaming Mafiosos!
    • The Enforcer's Guide to the Facebook Game, Mafia Wars
      Check out this article for the complete guide to levelling in the Facebook application, Mafia Wars: Enforcer's Job Tier. Know job item requirements, preparation skills and loot rewards with the help of this guide.
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