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What Extra DS Accessories Should You Buy?

by: Ronda Bowen ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

You just bought a Nintendo DS and some games. In the store, rows of accessories stare at you, daring you to purchase them. What extra DS accessories should you - must you buy? Read on and find out in this article by Ronda Levine.

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    A World Filled With DS Accessories

    Between starter kits for your Nintendo DS, cases, adapters, screen protectors, and extra stylus packs, it's easy to get overwhelmed when faced with decisions about purchasing DS accessories. It's important, when deciding on what accessories you should purchase for your DS, who will be using the DS, what the purposes of their usage will be, and where they will be using it.

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    Extra Stylus Packs

    picture picture One thing you will definitely want to purchase extras of, especially if you will be using your Nintendo DS a lot while traveling, or if the kids will be using the DS, is extra stylus packs. You can purchase a pack of three DS styluses for around seven dollars. There are also novelty stylus packs available, if these suit your fancy, including a pack of three light saber styluses for around the same price.

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    Screen Protector

    Another must-have Nintendo DS accessory is the screen protector for your Nintendo DS. The reason these are great is they prevent your screens from becoming scratched, they keep dust off the screen, and they actually improve the interaction between your stylus and the DS screen. Both the top and bottom screens should be covered for maximum protection. When you place your screen protector, take your time and be sure there are no air bubbles and that dust hasn't become trapped underneath the protective material.

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    A Sturdy Case

    picture picture picture Next, you will want to make sure that you provide your Nintendo DS with a sturdy case. By purchasing this accessory for your DS or DS Lite, you can help protect the DS should you drop it and while you have it stashed in a purse or backpack. You don't have to get a plain black case - many stylish options are available. The best cases will contain extra room for game storage and an extra stylus or two. You may want to have a case with a carrying strap so you can sling your game over your shoulder while transporting it.

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    Cleaning Cloth and Game Cases


    picture Your Nintendo DS will last longer if you use a cleaning cloth to keep it clean. Even with a screen protector, the dust will build up on your game. By cleaning your Nintendo DS on a regular basis and taking good care of it, you can increase the lifespan of your DS and games. On that subject, also purchase game cases for your games. This will keep dust out of your games, and help preserve them for a longer life-span. Nothing is worse than going to play your beloved game and finding that it no longer works.

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    Car Charger and Headset

    picture picture Chances are, you will want to take your DS on long car rides and on the airplane. For these purposes, you will want to purchase a car charger and headphones for your DS. Try to avoid purchasing ear buds. While they are less expensive, you will find that the standard (non-attractive) ear phones are more comfortable and friendly to your ears. By wearing headphones while traveling (or having your kids wear headphones while traveling with the DS, you can cut down on the number of noise intrusions for your neighbors' ears.

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    Inclusive Packs

    Finally, Nintendo DS accessories often come in inclusive packs. You may find that one of these "starter packs" includes everything you will need accessories-wise for your Nintendo DS. These can be a great way to save money on your DS accessory purchases.