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Getting Started with iMobsters

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is an easy guide for how to start out in the iPhone game, iMobsters, the right way.

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    Michael Corleone Say Hello

    iMobsters is one of the least original out of all of the mafia themed text based iPhone RPGs, but it still has some unique features that make it difficult to start out. When beginning iMobsters you have to be on point from the first moves if you are planning on dominating in the world of simulated organized crime.

    Here is a brief guide on how to begin your iMobsters account.

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    iMobster Tutorial

     Just like iMafia, Mafia Live, Undead Live, and Rockstar Live which it is almost exclusively modeled after, you are given a tutorial to start out with. At the top of the iMobsters display there is going to be a tutorial box that lists certain actions to try at a time.

    There are six steps to follow and will take you through the following:

    • Missions
    • Equipment
    • Attacking
    • Leveling up

    Make sure to do this tutorial as it will run you through every relevant part of iMobsters easily and at the very end kick start you into the world.

    After you complete the final stage of the iMobsters tutorial you get a text box informing you that a mafia relative tries to “whack" you and you win, rewarding you with five thousand dollars. This is a nice addition and then you are asked to give yourself a proper name and select a class.


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    iMobster Tycoon

    When selecting a class you should go with Tycoon, which is the one that will earn money fastest. As you get to higher levels in the game the only aspect that is going to be of use is how fast you receive your money from Real Estate. Performing Missions and fighting in Attack will not bring you enough money to sustain yourself and will really just be novelties used when you have to level up to get more properties and weapons available.

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    Mob Codes

    After this, you will begin adding people to your Mob, which should be done in volume and without discrimination. If you begin posting your Mob Code around you are going to end up with a high volume of requests. Unfortunately, iMobsters does not allow for you to accept all at once like you can in games like iMob Online or Mafia Wars. You have to go through and accept each individually and that can take quite a bit of time. Check iMobsters more than usual in these periods and try to accept as many requests as you can when the amount is small so you do not have to do it when it gets into the several hundred.

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    iMobsters Equipment

    Your equipment should be purchased steadily, but your early money should go at a higher rate toward Real Estate. Try to get enough equipment to perform Missions and win fights but not enough to take your reserves as these should be invested toward cyclical payout. This will set you up later on when the amount of money received from Missions is trivial.