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iDragons Online: Tips for Fighting

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some detailed tips for fighting other players in iDragons Online, or iKnights Online.

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    Face Off

    Coming face to face with other players in iDragons Online, sometimes called iKnights Online, is one of the central features of this RPG. Battle requires you to fight against other iDragons Online enthusiasts and success is determined by your status within iDragons Online. Here are a few tips to make you more successful in iDragons Online fighting.

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    Slow Down

    Before you even think about fighting other iDragons Online players you need to wait a little bit and accumulate some weapons from the Merchant. Wait until levels three or four after you have begun purchasing property from the Kingdom. Once you have, wait a little bit to accumulate some money that does not come from Quests. Once you have, purchase some weapons of the highest possible ranks. Get as many as you can, but try not to get too many lower level weapons unless you have an extremely high number of Guild members already. At this point, you can begin fighting because you will have some weapon support.

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    Guild Numbers and Friend Codes

    You need to start adding to your Guild right away. Start posting your Friend Codes around as much as possible and see if you have anybody in your area that plays iDragons Online. You want to avoid fighting unless you have the maximum allotment of Guild members allowed for each level. The number of Guild members allowed is ten times the number of your level. For example, if you are at level four you will be allowed to use up to forty people in battle. If you want to ensure success, especially at earlier levels, follow this rule and try to pad your Guild into the hundreds before you reach level seven. Remember that you are allowed to use one weapon, piece of armor and magical spell for each person as well. This is why you want to only have the highest level of each available because otherwise the single item of each that is applied to each Guild member in battle may not be the most powerful. If at all possible, try to get a high number of the most powerful available at all times so that each Guild member will only be using the strongest items.

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    Skill Points

    When you are leveling up you should focus on both your Attack Strength and your Defense Power. Attack Strength will allow you to make the first strike better while Defense Power will help defend you even when you are not playing. Focus your Skill Points in these areas. As you level up, things like Max Energy and Max Health will not be nearly as important as Attack Strength or Defense Power.

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    Your Opponent

    Only attack people that you know will have lower statistics than you. Go immediately for people who have a smaller Guild than is allowed by their level. Never attack someone with a larger Guild than you if you have less than the maximum allowed for your current level. Also, take a look at their weapons and see if they are using any items from the weaker end of the spectrum. A good sign of this is if they have multiple different types of items, which is an indication that they do not just have a stockpile of strong ones. If all you see is one of each strong item then you know that they have likely curtailed their stockpile to just the strongest items. Take a look at their number of fights won and lost. If the number of fights won dramatically out numbers the fights lost this may indicate their ability in fights. Also, take a look at their Kill Count and Death Count. If they are really high, then this is a good sign that their defenses are low and your attack may be successful.

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    Later On

    Stop fighting for a while once you hit double digits. You will want to avoid leveling up and fighting is one of the primary ways to do that. Continue again once you feel satisfied with your Cash flow and want to continue forward in the iDragons Online levels.

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