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Fan-Made Mother 4 in the Works

by: David Sanchez ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

A group of fans has decided to continue the legacy of Shigesato Itoi's famed franchise with Mother 4. In development since 2008, this fan-made title has the look and charm of the Mother series. What can we expect from the game when it launches?

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    A Fan-Made Successor to Mother 3 is Coming

    It may be unofficial, but Mother 4 certainly seems to follow in the footsteps of Mother 3. 

    If you thought Sonic Fan Remix was the only noteworthy fan game being made, think again. Mother 4 is currently being worked on by a group of fans, and though development is slow and the game has a long way to go, it’s quite possible that a new Mother game will be available in the future. Though this isn’t an official game from Nintendo, it certainly manages to get the attention of many, especially faithful followers of the series.

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    A Look at Mother/Earthbound

    Expect to see nostalgic battle sequences filled with strange enemies. 

    The Mother series—known outside of Japan as Earthbound—is famous for straying away from the conventional RPG mold. Replacing mystical swords with baseball bats and mages with hippies, Mother has crafted a unique legacy of its own. Sadly, poor marketing, limited sales, and strange advertising have led the series to reach cult status in North America. To this day, the only Mother game to appear in North America is Earthbound, the second game in the series.

    Additionally, because of Earthbound’s numerous pop culture references, Nintendo has yet to include the game on the Wii’s Virtual Console. For those of you still holding out hope for the release of this title, chances are you’ll never see the game in a downloadable format for the Wii. As much as we all want Earthbound on the Virtual Console, the chances of Nintendo releasing it are slim to none.

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    What Do We Know About Mother 4?

    The character sprites certainly fit the Mother mold. 

    So far, not a lot of news has surfaced regarding Mother 4. A few images, a development blog, and confirmation that the game is currently in the works are all we have to go by at the moment. From the looks of it, Mother 4 looks to continue the legacy of Shigesato Itoi’s famed franchise whilst retaining its own appeal.

    The game’s look certainly goes with the previous official releases in the series. It has been modified a tad, but Mother 4’s graphical style has all the charm of previous games. The story is right up there as well. A young man named Chase sets out for adventure after odd spaceships appear and take control of the citizens of Flutune. The protagonist then goes on his quest, where he will meet new friends and make unlikely allies. Reminiscent of Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3? Absolutely.

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    No Launch Date Yet

    Sadly, the previously mentioned details are all we know about the sequel to Mother 3. In development since 2008, it’s still not known when Mother 4 will release. Here’s hoping it’s sooner than later, though. Shigesato Itoi previously stated that he would not be working on a successor to Mother 3, so this fan game may be the closest thing to Mother 4 fans of the series will get.

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