Using Honor Points in Jet Fighters

The Godfather

The Godfather really is a peddler of cheat point projects rather than free iPhone games. In iMob Online, it popularized this idea with nobility points, and now in Jet Fighters it is honor points. Honor points can be a major part of the Jet Fighters game play, and really is the way that people with surpluses of pointless cash can cheat in Jet Fighters. Here are some tips for acquiring and using Jet Fighters honor points.

Honor Points

When you open up Jet Fighters look down to the very middle of the bottom task bar and hit the button labeled The General. Here is where you are going to both spend and purchase honor points from within Jet Fighters. On top you have several options for spending honor points, and below you have several places to get more honor points. The very top of the list will be free bonuses for Jet Fighters players such as free honor points or free F-15s.

These free honor points packages are often promotional features that come from downloading Jet Fighters updates or for downloading other free iPhone games from The Godfather. Always check this area for free Jet Fighters honor points before purchasing honor points.

There is likely to be a fairly consistent series of free honor points giveaways that happen in Jet Fighters, as well as all free iPhone games from The Godfather. Below the free honor points packages will be different pay honor points packages that you can purchase. Just select one of these and it will then take you to the App Store where you can buy and download the honor points just as you would with any pay iPhone application or game.

Once the honor points package has downloaded to your iPhone desktop go ahead and select it, opening Jet Fighters. Once your Jet Fighters account opens up you will have said number of honor points added. The same process goes for downloading free honor points packages for Jet Fighters.


Your Jet Fighters honor points should be spent very specifically. The main focus of Jet Fighters is to avoid leveling up too quickly so you can have a stockpile of weapons and money making Military Bases. With this in mind the top priority should be to get money for your honor points.

Since Jet Fighters uses Friend Codes it is not that great of a use of honor points to spend twenty of them for a single squad mate. Energy refills should only be used once you have passed level thirty and are willing to level up. This is also useful because at this point in Jet Fighters the missions should be fairly high in cash returns. The health refill is a fairly stupid use of honor points, but since a full refill only costs a single honor point it is not a bad use of random extra honor points in an odd number. A full stamina refill costs five honor points, which is too much for so little.

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