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The Sims 2: Cheats and Tips That You Should Know

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

When it comes to the Sims 2 for the PS2, everyone knows that there are some great cheat codes out there. So, here are some of the easiest Sims 2 cheat codes to help you unlock more than you ever wanted.

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    The Sims 2 Cheat Codes

    sims 2 box Yep, just like any game out there, the Sims 2 has some great cheat codes that you can use. The Sims 2 cheat codes are relatively simple to enter in, but they can be tricky. So, we'll go through what you need to do to enter these Sims 2 cheat codes in correctly so that you can reap the benefits.

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    PS2 Cheats for the Sims 2

    Here are the easiest Sims 2 cheat codes that you need to know and how to use them:

    To unlock the gnome, enter in the Sims 2 cheat code: L1, R1, up, X, then R2. You will need the gnome for several of the unlockable levels as well as several items in the game. other Sims 2 cheat codes won't work without him.

    To give yourself money (in increments of $9,999 at a time), enter in this Sims 2 cheat code: R1, L1, R2, Right, then Left. You can do this over and over if you'd like until you get the money that you want.

    To unlock all of the lots in the game so you can build anything you want, simply put in the Sims 2 cheat code: Circle, L2, Left, Circle, Up, then Circle.

    If you want to advance the clock 6 hours ahead to get through that pesky sleep thing Sims have to do, simply press Circle, Square, Up, then Down.

    To set your skill level in a specific area, simply press in this Sims 2 cheat code: Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, then Left.

    To unlock all of the clothing in the Sims 2, simply press in this Sims 2 cheat code: Square, R2, Down, Right, then Square.

    To unlock all of the objects in your buy mode, simply press in the Sims 2 cheat code: L2, Circle, Down, Left, then Up.

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    Sims 2 Tips & Tricks

    While I've listed some of the easier Sims 2 cheat codes above, there are some tips and tricks that you should also know so that these cheat codes will work the best for you.

    The first tip that you need to know is that you will have to unlock the Gnome before you can enter in any of the other Sims 2 cheat codes. When you do the Sims 2 cheat code for the gnome, a "cheating device" will appear in front of your house. Once he's there, you simply click on the gnome and enter in the Sims 2 cheat code that you want to use. So, use that first Sims 2 cheat code that is listed above and you will be able to use any of the other cheats.

    To get abducted by an alien in the Sims 2, you will need to buy a telescope for your Sim. Then, every night, you will need to use it. There is no set number of nights before aliens will abduct you, but it will happen. Simply use the telescope every night.

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