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What’s New in Sam & Max Season Two?

If there’s anything you can say about the stories in the Sam & Max games it’s that they’re unpredictable. Who would’ve thought their adventures would consist of stopping a rampaging Santa Claus with a machine gun, preventing a volcano from erupting, and taking on Satan himself?

PC Games: Making New Levels for Braid

This article takes you through the steps for creating new levels for you to use while playing Braid. If you follow the steps and make use of the helpful links included with the level editor, you shouldn’t have any problems. Once you know how, making levels for Braid will become a lot easier.

PC Gamers G-Force Video Game Review

G-Force for the PC is a solid video game that combines good platforming and shooting game play into a combat system that is useful and fun. An entertaining story with interesting and unique enemy designs makes G-Force a satisfying action adventure title suitable for all gamers.

Nancy Drew Danger by Design Walkthrough Part 3

On to the third part of the Nancy Drew Danger by Design Walkthrough. Create eccentric fashion designs, field calls and bake cookies all in the name of fashion (and mystery). With the help of this guided walkthrough, you’ll never miss a single step in this pc adventure mystery game again.