Anurag Ghosh

The Top Ten Best iPhone Tycoon Games

The number of tycoon games for the iOS platform is increasing day-by-day. App developers are adding more variations to the standard business simulation game. However, not all the games that end with the word “tycoon” are as addictive as PC titles and so it is very important to choose wisely.

Top 10 Capcom Mobile Games

Since 2005, Capcom Interactive has released several re-imagined versions of cult classics. Some of the best are direct ports and re-imagined versions of popular classic games like 1942, Phoenix Wright and Mega Man. There are plenty of new games too however.

The Top 7 iPhone Strategy Games

There are plenty of strategy games for the iOS platform. But the ones that truly shine boast tons of maps, new gameplay variations and slick visuals. They have tons of single-player and multiplayer maps and several additional features to give you a satisfying gameplay experience.

The Top 5 iPhone Adventure Games

Portable adventuring can’t get better than this, thanks to some great adventure games designed for the iOS platform. With the classic point-and-click game mechanics, these games utilize iPhone’s touch screen pretty well and provide satisfying gameplay.