Anurag Ghosh

The Top 5 Online PC Games like Angry Birds

While the gameplay concept of Angry Birds is not new, it still is one of the most popular physics-based puzzle games ever developed for the mobile platform. There are also quite a few good PC games like Angry Birds on the Internet that are as addictive and impressive as the original iPhone game.

The Best Restaurant Sim Games Like Diner Dash

There are several games like Diner Dash, each having its own unique theme and storyline, but the gameplay mechanics is quite similar to PlayFirst’s hit game. Here are some of the best digital dining sims that promise fast-paced action and strategy to all restaurant sim fans.

The Secret Behind Mafia Wars Bots And Cheats

If you play Mafia Wars regularly on Facebook then you have probably searched long and hard for good cheats that actually work. Are you sick of running into dead ends? This article will include relevant and updated information about Mafia Wars cheats and bots…what works and what won’t.

The Top 10 Best Indie Games

Indie games stand apart from the mainstream AAA titles because of their individuality and creativity. The best indie games such as Darwinia, Machinarium, Puzzle Bots and Uplink are perfect examples of new age video games with a fresh gameplay and a unique style of their own.