Aaron R.

Morningstar Walkthrough – Fixing the Ship

Morningstar is a very well made point-and-click adventure game that takes you onto a wrecked spaceship on an unknown desert planet. You need to repair the damage and figure out just what made you crash in the first place. Naturally we’ll investigate some other wrecks and ruins along the way.

The Visitor Walkthrough

The Visitor is labeled as an interactive horror game. You take on the role of a parasitic alien that needs to possess and kill it’s way through some animals and humans around a cabin in the woods. If you want to find out how to get through the game and see all three endings, look here.

Uno Attack Card Game

Uno Attack: Card Meanings and Symbols

Uno Attack is one of the most popular variations of Mattel’s Uno card game. The mechanical Launcher adds a random element to drawing cards. However, this changes the symbols and effects of special cards. Read this article to learn the Uno Attack rules new to this game.

Elona Shooter Guide

One of the popular Kongregate Games is the very entertaining Elona Shooter. This hybrid RPG/Defense Game is a very fun and challenging title that should keep you playing for hours. If you need any help with succeeding in Elona Shooter, just look here.

Sam and Max: The Penal Zone Review

Sam & Max: The Penal Zone is the new release that marks the start of the third season of games “The Devil’s Playhouse.” This fun series of adventure games should provide several laughs and a few challenging puzzles for old fans of the series and possibly some new players.