Elton Gahr

Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

Cut the Rope gathered a lot of attention when it came out and Cut the Rope: Experiments seeks to expand on that game by adding a few new elements and creating 75 news levels. These additions create a game that is as much fun as the original while still feeling new.

Review of Tap Ranch 2 for iPhone

There are a lot of farming games on the iPhone, but only a few stand out. One of those standouts is Tap Ranch 2. Using many of the same mechanics as the other farming games it adds on layers of strategy as you can use the crops you harvest to create more expensive goods.

Review of the Blobster iPhone Game

The iPhone has become the top platform for casual games, and yet it is sometimes hard to find good games with so many poorly made games flooding iTunes. Blobster is a game that clearly had a lot of effort put into it and takes fun aspects from many different games and creates a unique game.

Building a Tiny Tower on the iPhone

Tiny Tower is a game that allows you to build a skyscraper on the iPhone. Taking full advantage of the iPhone this is a simple, yet addictive, game that can be a great way to spend a few minutes on your break or an hour ferrying people up and down on elevators to earn some extra money.

The Heist iPhone Puzzle Game Review

The Heist is an iPhone game made up of four simple and classic puzzle games. These include a block pushing game, block sliding game, a sliding puzzle game and a Sudoku style puzzle game with some major differences. Completing these helps you to bypass the security of a bank vault and win a prize.

Top 5 Match Three Games for your iPhone

There are a lot of games in the iTunes library in which you match three or more objects. They are fun, easy to make and because of that it is hard to find the best. These apps cover a wide variety of play styles and anyone who plays iPhone games should consider the following options.

Best iPhone Physics Games

The iPhone physics game is one of the most interesting types of game in the iPhone library. Allowing you to play with things such as gravity, tools, wind, explosions and more, these puzzle games often allow for many possible solutions forcing you to really think.

Top iPhone Board Games

Gaming on the iPhone is a lot of fun, but some games work better than others. Board games are almost perfect for this device because the simple interfaces mean that you don’t get frustrated by the controls and the connectivity allows you to play with your friends. Here are a few of the best.

Best iPhone Go Game Options

Go is an ancient game that can seem deceptively simple. These are a few of the best iPhone Go game apps that can help lead someone from a superficial understanding of Go to being able to take on truly good players in this difficult game.

Defender Chronicles Guide: Basic Units

A Defender Chronicles walkthrough that looks at each of the units of the game and how they best fit into your overall strategy. We also take a look at how to use them best together and finally how to improve your general so that you get the most out of your entire army.

UniWar Strategy Guide

This is a strategy guide for the mobile game UniWar. It covers how to play the individual races against each other and should help you to understand the most useful of the basic UniWar strategies.

Reaching Monkey Island: What Next?

In the third part of the iPhone Monkey Island series this walkthrough tells you where the major items, people and places you need to see are. This can help because unlike many modern games The Secret of Monkey Island does not always give you a clear direction.