Michael Elkins

Play Rummikub Online Free

If you are looking for free Rummikub to play online, you will be glad to know that Pressman toys, the makers of Rummikub have gone live with a Rummikub website. Link to Facebook and play with other Rummy Tile fans from around the world.

Triominos Board Game

Triominos are triangular dominoes adding some geometrical variety to the old rectangular variant. Triangles or not, if you don’t like classic dominoes, you probably aren’t going to like Tri-Ominos.

Rebound the Game

Slide ball-bearings encased in plastic discs across a plastic playing surface in the Rebound tabletop game. Use the rubber-bands at the other end off the track to perform bank shots, angle shots, and trick shots, all while trying to keep your pucks in the score zone.

Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game by Hasbro

What’s better than rolling dice to get runs and sets for points? Why, drawing cards to get runs and sets for points, of course. And that’s exactly the name of the game in Yahtzee Hands Down. Draw your way to victory by accumulating small sets, full houses, straights, and the prized Yahtzee!

The Classic Scotland Yard Board Game: Review

Choose to patrol the streets and subways of London as a police officer, or sneak your way through the underground as Mr. X in the classic Scotland Yard board game. Don’t let Mr. X’s monogrammed visor fool you; he’s no soccer dad. A cutthroat criminal mastermind, catch Mr. X before it’s too late.

Uno 40th Anniversary Edition Card Game

Uno celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2011, and what better way to celebrate than to get a deck of Uno cards into every home in America. Sound absurd? Well when they charge only $1.00 for the promotional 40th anniversary Uno deck, its hard to imagine that they are doing anything else.

The Rules for Mille Bornes

The classic french card game brought to the states by Parker Brothers in 1962 allows for individual players or teams of two to compete in a 1000 mile race. Thwart your opponents by causing accidents, flattening-tires, and emptying gas tanks. Don’t worry, though, the rules for Mille Bornes allow it!

Scrabble Slam Instructions

The Scrabble Slam Card Game is not that difficult, but if you lost your rules, picked up a used copy, or you just needed clarification on a small game-play issue, I’m your man.

Scrabble Slam Card Game Review

Hasbro games offers a fast-paced word game at a rock bottom price with “Scrabble Slam!” Though this game resembles upwords more closely than Scrabble, it is a fun, fast, accessible word game that takes only a few minutes to learn. Play is quick, and rounds are done in about five minutes.

Uno Rummy Up Rules

With easy to follow rules, Uno Rummy Up provides a unique adaptation of the classic Rummy Tiles game for two to four players. In addition to playing the normal sets and runs you are familiar with, you will force other players to draw two, draw four, and be skipped in no time.

GameCube Gamers Chibi-Robo Toy Guide

Read this article to find out about four of the toys in the GameCube video game Chibi-Robo, their own particular dysfunctional stories add a nice element of humour and entertainment to the game play. We’ll cover Funky Phil, The Great Peekoe, Sophie, and Freida & Fred in this article.