Shannon Ongley

Best Free Tracfone (Motorola) Games

Just because you don’t own a smartphone, doesn’t mean that you can’t get good games. Game developers are still releasing great games for traditional cell phones, some of which are even free! These are some of the best out there, and they will work with any Java-enabled Motorola Tracfone.

Tiny Wings Tips and Tricks

Tiny Wings has steadily risen in popularity, surpassing the other avian App Store dominator, Angry Birds. The one-touch control scheme is simple, so the fun comes in mastering the physics. With a few simple techniques, you’ll have your tiny winged bird soaring like a maestro.

Feed Me Oil: iPhone Game Review

Feed Me Oil is a new iPhone game from Holy Water game studios and Chillingo, whom you may already know from their last hit, Cut The Rope. Like their last title, Feed Me Oil employs a novel concept for a physics puzzle game — given the fact that the BP oil spill was not that long ago!