Natalie Hill

Angry Birds Jungle Escape Walkthrough for Theme 3

Welcome to the second installment of Angry Birds Rio, Jungle Escape, where we show you how to kill each and every monkey whilst achieving 3 stars on each level. With themes getting more complex and a wider variety of birds, Angry Birds shows us it is still on form with these fun, challenging levels.

Walkthrough for Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball, a physics game to test your logic skills, has fast made it into the top ten free apps in the App Store and with its addictive puzzles it is easy to see why. If you’re looking for the answers, here is a simple walkthrough with pictures for each level to help you complete Bubble Ball.

Angry Birds Seasons Christmas Walkthrough

Angry Birds Seasons Christmas is easily one of the most addictive games around right now, and it is no wonder it has long been in the top downloaded lists. We’ve put together the Angry Birds Seasons Christmas Edition walkthrough guide to get you 3 stars on all levels.

Hotel Dash Review

Time management games are ever increasing in popularity and so following in the footsteps of Diner Dash and Wedding Dash, Hotel Dash is another spin off for PlayFirst. Here we find out if it delivers.