Sylvia Cochran

Free Mafia Wars Godfather Points for Facebook

The lure of free Mafia Wars Godfather Points is simple to the devoted player. Upgrade attack or defense stats quickly by buying inventory. Few gamers realize that getting these points is actually closely monitored and regulated by Zynga. So how can the player get these coveted points?

3 Social Sims Games on Facebook

Social sims are the answer to disenfranchised Farmville players. Former Dungeons and Dragons wizards, who have been disappointed with the lack of wizardly game-play on the social networking site, can now look to Lords Online and Kingdom of Camelot.

Mafia Wars Loot Guides

Mafia Wars loot drops offer the player ample opportunities for beefing up defense and attack stats. While the Mafia Wars loot list for New York and Cuba is pretty straightforward, the Moscow and Bangkok tiers offer a variety of options.