William Usher

Pokemon MMO

A rather in-depth “What If…” article detailing a possible full-fledged, Pokemon MMO. Find out what the combat will be like, the travel system and most importantly, the PvP.

Elsword Guide

You know a game hits the jackpot when the main game is named after the character class in the game. You can learn more about the character classes in this extensive guide.

Mabinogi G3 walkthrough

The finale in the three part series of Generation 3 guides for Mabinogi. Find out everything you need to know in order to complete the quests, using this detailed walkthrough.

Mabinogi G2 Paladin Quest

Second generation quests got you stumped? Do you need a little help and guidance for those pesky G2 Paladin quests? Well, help has arrived. Check out this walkthrough, which contains everything you need to know about becoming a G2 Paladin.