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The Best SMART Board Math Games

If you’re a teacher or a student and you’re looking for a better way to use that dull interactive white board in the classroom, look no further. This is a list of the best interactive SMART Board games for both educational and recreational purposes.

Free Chess Board Games to Play Online

You can find out where to play free chess board games when you read further on. This is because you will be able to get the most out of the sites that offer chess when you visit them. Play with a friend, online component, or even the computer.

Download Free Templates for Board Games

Board games are fun for people of all ages. When you are able to customize the game to make it more personal, it becomes something that is more memorable and fun for all those that play it. This guide will help you locate where you can find templates to do just that.

Play Chess on Your Mobile Phone

There are many variations of chess games available for mobile phones. They range from the traditional two-player to versions with slightly-tweaked rules. In addition, the artificial intelligence processor plays a major role, as does the mobile operating system. Here we’ve rounded up the best games.

Online Guide to Lexulous Scoring

Lexulous is a crossword board game much like the ever-popular hit Scrabble, played free online. What makes it different from Scrabble is how Lexulous is scored. Check out this guide to Lexulous scoring!

Free Online Lexulous Word Finders

Free Online Lexulous Word Finders

While part of the fun of playing Lexulous is testing your knowledge of vocabulary, sometimes you run into games where you just can’t stay ahead. Whether the other person is lucky and blowing you out of the water, or they’re using a word finder themselves, fight back with these word finders!

Play Chess Online – the Best Free Chess Games for PC

If you are fan of the beautiful game of chess you will find very exciting opportunities to play it on the internet. Free chess games for PC – what a great way to play your favorite game while interacting with different people from all around the world. And all this is available here and now!

Electronic Arts Battleship for the iPhone

The game of Battleship has now arrived for the iPhone thanks to Electronic Arts. Available for just $2.99 in the Apple App Store, Battleship aims to faithfully recreate the classic game while at the same time jazzing it up a bit for the iPhone audience. We’ll see if EA’s mission was successful!