Burger Island 2 – The Missing Ingredients – Game Hints and Tips

About Burger Island 2

Burger Island 2

Patty is losing business to new rival Edie Cole Iverson. She finds out that the Tiki Chief, the source of her recipes has also disappeared. Patty must rediscover her recipes to earn her business back and find the Chief. To do so she must cook for customers, earn money and travel to multiple island locations.

How to Play

Burger Island 2 screenshot

Game play is simple. In each timed level, Patty serves customers from behind a counter. Orders arrive by the appearance of different colored food trays which distinguish each type. Select main ingredient (burger patties or eggs) by clicking on it. They will automatically be placed on the stove. When finished, text will appear to let you know that it is done. Click on it again for placement onto the tray. Then follow the recipe for each order. These will be displayed at the top of the screen and must be completed in the order of ingredients listed. When finished, the customer will take it from the counter and money is paid.

Once the level completes, a score report will appear. This will show you all points you earned for the level, along with combo bonuses and an overall total. If you did not meet the required amount of money on your current level, you will need to repeat it in order to move forward in the game.

In between levels, Patty can experiment and create new recipes. You select the ingredients one at a time and a new item will become available on your menu.

A bonus level will occasionally appear where you can earn bonus power ups by having a waiter balance food trays. This is accomplished by placing trays one at a time without tipping either side too far towards the floor.

Win the Burger Island 2 game by locating the Tiki Chief and completing all 10 levels on each of the seven islands.

Game Hints and Tips

  • If recipes are not followed exactly, you will lose points and the customer who ordered the meal.
  • Try to chain food orders by completing two or three at a time that have the same type of recipe. Since some items may have similar recipes, you can distinguish them easier by the color of the trays.
  • Customer patience is noted by a thermometer gauge. If it goes “cold” the customer will leave and you will lose points.
  • When there are multiple customers, cook multiple burgers/omelets/nachos at the same time. Try to take them off the stove immediately when they say “perfect”. If you leave them on the stove too long, you will earn less money in tips. If they burn, burger/omelet/nachos will need to be thrown away, which will lose you points.
  • There are three levels of difficulty available in Burger Island 2 – Kiddie (easy), Normal and Jumbo Size (hard).
  • The Temperature Gauge power up will increase the patience of your current customers when activated.
  • If an item is almost burnt you can pick it up and have Patty temporarily hold it in her hands until a new customer tray becomes available.

Image Credit

Burger Island 2 screenshots were taken by Sheila Robinson.