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    • CityVille a Facebook City Building Game
      Zynga releases CityVille a city building game. Develop homes, businesses, decorate your city, use municipal buildings, and even open your own business franchise in the cities of your Facebook friends.
    • Tips For Making CityVille Run Better on Your Computer
      Cityville is a Facebook city building game. Create homes, businesses and decorate your city. One of the problems with the game is lag. Learn how to reduce your game lag with the guide.
    • CityVille Hints : Franchises and Expansions
      CityVille is a city management and building game from Zynga. Players build homes, run businesses, construct municipal buildings and decorate their cities. Players can also open franchises and expand their cities.
    • CityVille Guides: Using The Cruise Ship
      CityVille is a Facebook city building simulation game by Zynga. Build homes, apartments, businesses, community buildings and get the new cruise ship. Use this guide to learn all about the new cruise ship fro your growing CityVille city.
    • CityVille Game Guides: The Police Station
      CityVille is a popular Facebook city building game. Construct homes, build businesses and expand your city. Use the new police station to grab robbers and get special rewards for catching them. Use this guide to find out more about the new police station in CityVille.
    • Guide To The New CityVille Functional Buildings
      CityVille is a popular city building game on Facebook. Construct homes, run businesses, decorate and grow your city. Zynga now introduced functional buildings for your city.
    • CityVille Guides: CityVille Businesses
      CityVille is a Facebook city building game. Make homes, use decorations, open business franchises in friend’s cities and sell goods through various stores in your growing city.
    • CityVille Guides: CityVille Residential Buildings Guide
      CityVille is a Facebook city building game from Zynga Create residences, businesses, municipal buildings and decorate your city the way you want. This guide focuses on the residences you can build in CityVille.
    • CityVille Guides: CityVille Collections
      CityVille is a city building game from Zynga. Players construct city buildings, decorate their city and collect money from structures. Collections are also available which grant the user special rewards after the collection has been completed.
    • CityVille Guides: Earning Money in CityVille
      CityVille puts you in control as mayor of your own city. Grow crops, build homes, open a seaport, and construct municipal buildings as you build the best city possible. Use this guide to learn how to earn money in CityVille.
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