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    • Club Penguin Cheats: Mission 3 and Mission 4
      Do you have any Club Penguin cheats: mission 3? If not read this cheats guide and follow them to finish the third and fourth missions of Club Penguin game.
    • Club Penguin Mission Cheats
      Let’s start playing Club Penguin if you already haven’t. If you think it’s difficult, don’t worry. We have Club Penguin mission cheats for you to play each mission. Here are the all the things you need to know to complete the first and the second missions of Club Penguin. Read and start.
    • Club Penguin Chat Options
      There are two different Club Penguin chat options that a player or parent can choose from. Read the differences between the two chat styles thoroughly so that you can choose which one is right for your family.
    • Club Penguin Codes and Cheats
      Use these helpful cheats and codes to make your Club Penguin experience even better. Learn how to get extra coins and complete mini games in record time.
    • Club Penguin Review - Waddle Around the World
      Club Penguin Waddle Around the World is an entertaining online game for kids. Club Penguin and Disney creators commit themselves of providing children with a fund and safer virtual environment to play and interact with other members.
    • Club Penguin Money Maker - Where to Download and How to Use
      Here is everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about the Club Penguin Money Maker programs. Of course, what is meant by everything, is just providing instruction on how to download programs that will allow a player to edit the amount of money he has in-game.
    • Disney Channel Club Penguin
      Is it safe to let my child play on the Disney Channel Club Penguin site? What kinds of games will he/she encounter? Are there any advertisements I may want to avoid? These and other questions are answered in this must-read guide for parents.
    • Where to get Club Penguin Screensavers
      If you enjoy the art work seen in the MMORPG Club Penguin, then check out these places online where you can get your own club penguin screensaver that features in game play art.
    • Finding Club Penguin's Rockhopper
      Check out how you can find Club Penguin's elusive pirate Captain Rockhopper! Using an online tracker as a club penguin rockhopper finder it shouldn't be long before you meet up with the pirate and get those special items.
    • How to Play Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu and Where to Find Card Codes
      Disney's Club Penguin has some great online game for members. One of those games is Card-Jitsu! Find out how to play this game and get the card codes for enhanced game play.
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