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    • Bible Games for Kids: 21 of the Best Game Choices for Your Children
      Plan a family game night soon and include some of these Christian based board and card games. Your kids will learn character traits like taking turns and sharing as well as having the opportunity to exercise their brains and fine motor skills.
    • Top 10 Video Game Company Mascots and Characters
      What video games and video gaming companies have the cutest mascots? Find out here as Bright Hub lists the Top 10 Cutest Video Game Characters and Mascots for the year.
    • Video Games:Their Potential Benefits For Children
      Video games often get a bad rap for children, but the truth is they aren't all bad. While parents should always practice responsible game choices for their kids, it is important to consider video games and their potential benefits for children when deciding what to let their children play.
    • Enhance the Cognitive Flexibility of Children by Using Computers
      The cognitive flexibility theory is constructed to mainly support using interactive technology. With the help of technology, specifically computers, children are able to adapt to radically changing environments.
    • Family Friendly Games for Nintendo's Motion Sensitive Console
      The Wii may suffer from a shortage of games that appeal to the serious gamer, but Nintendo's consoleoffers plenty of family friendly options that kids and parent can enjoy.
    • I Bet You Can't Say That 5 Times Fast!
      Tickle your fancy with tongue twisters for young and old! Use this list of alphabetical tongue twisters for your next get-together or family game night. Invent your own tongue twisters and find resources for more tongue twisting fun!
    • Games From Around the World for Grade Schoolers
      Teaching our children games from around the world is a great way to get them to learn about other cultures simultaneously while having a great time. Children love to play and love to learn. These two key elements can be combined, along with learning how to be competitive, yet fair.
    • Games to Bring the Family Together
      Family game nights are great ways to help break the ice between parent and child, open discussions, and strengthen relationships. There are many simple family games to play that don't require many supplies or come with a lofty price tag.
    • Try These Fun Games at Your Next Kids' Party
      If you're looking for party games to keep the kids entertained, check out these fun ideas!
    • Free Drawing Games Online
      Let your kid’s creative juices flow with the best online drawing games such as SketchPad, Paint Wars and Magic Pen. Some are based on the game’s physic engine while others help to unleash the creativity by their unique gameplay mechanics.
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