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The Best Tween Party Games

Need to throw a party for a tween fast and don’t have many ideas for games? This article will help guide you on some quick ideas for fun games for kids to play at a tween party including ones based on Harry Potter, Twilight, and of course a basic sleepover.

Guide to Scary Sleepover Games for a Party

Ghost stories and scary games are loved by most kids and teenagers. It gives a sense of fear and excitement to the party and makes it enjoyable. In this article, you will find out some good party ideas for your next sleepover that may make the guests want to sleep with a flashlight.

Does the 3DS cause eye damage?

If you’re worried about the 3DS causing some permanent to your eyes, or if you’re looking to buy one for someone else and want to know what the consequences could be, check out this article. Could there be truth to these rumors?

Rebound the Game

Slide ball-bearings encased in plastic discs across a plastic playing surface in the Rebound tabletop game. Use the rubber-bands at the other end off the track to perform bank shots, angle shots, and trick shots, all while trying to keep your pucks in the score zone.