DJ HERO Hip Hops the PS3 Crowd

Hip-hop or synth or pop or techno – it’s all you when DJ HERO has you spinning the tunes in time with the beat. Can you handle the pressure of the crowd while giving them what they need? Show them who’s the master of vinyl and the hero of the DJ’s. Do you got the rhythm to make it all happen?

Hints and Cheats: Escape from Monkey Island

Escape from Monkey Island is last game of the series: The Curse of Monkey Island and one of the most emblematic games from Lucas Entertainment that has been adapted to many ports. With this hint and cheat guide we plan to discover the cheats of EfMI and how to overcome the hardest parts.

Gamers PS3 Review Buzz Quiz TV

Buzz Quiz TV is a better experience than Buzz! The Mega Quiz, which appeared on the PS2 last year. Outstanding trivia entertainment, with bright visuals and nice audibles, a fun assortment of enjoyable types of trivia rounds, and challenging and often funny game play.