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    • What Are the Negative Effects of Video Games On Children
      What are some of the negative effects of video games on children? This Bright Hub article explores some of those things, as well as some suggestions for parents on protecting their kids from violent and sexual video games.
    • Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome in Children
      Computer vision syndrome can occur to everyone, but it is mostly a concern for children. By following are ways to prevent computer vision syndrome in children.
    • Disadvantages of Computers to Children
      With computers on the rise in homes, there are many positive aspects of having a child learn to use one. But with the positives, there are also the negatives and disadvantages of computers to children.
    • Violent Video Games and Children
      Are violent video games disruptive to children? Do violent video games beget violent children? As a gamer from the age of ten, this article is told from the point of view of someone who plays violent video games, but isn't very violent.
    • Utilizing Your Family Settings On Your Xbox 360
      So you bought an Xbox 360 and you are ready to set it all up. But how do you keep your kids safe when they are ready to play online or hard core video games? Here is what you need to know about setting up your Xbox Live account.
    • Helping Your Child With Online Safety Tips On Your Xbox 360
      When it comes to online video game play, the Xbox Live offers up some great times on tons of video games. But does your child know how to stay safe while they are playing online? Here are some helpful tips to keep them safe.
    • Video Game Induced Seizures: A Cause for Alarm?
      The possibility of your favorite video game causing serious health problems is definitely frightening, built the risk of developing video game induced seizures is not a cause for concern in most cases.
    • Best E/E10 Rated Nintendo Wii Family Games
      If you're looking for the best E/E10 rated Nintendo Wii family games, you're not alone. Parents looking for a way to connect with their children have found that playing video games together can be a wonderful bonding experience.
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