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    • PS2 Cheats for Guitar Hero Aerosmith
      Guitar Hero Aerosmith for the PS2 is a video game based on the popular rock band. Fans can play 25 of their popular tunes, along with a mix of other popular rock bands. Looking for PS2 cheats on this game? Read on for some useful cheat codes and unlockables.
    • Guitar Hero World Tour vs Rock Band 2 Wii Decision Guide
      A decline in the music game trend has resulted in great deals on music game band packs for the Nintendo Wii. Let our guide help you decide who comes out on top in the battle of Guitar Hero World Tour vs Rock Band 2 Wii.
    • Guitar Hero: Van Halen Review
      Thinking about buying Guitar Hero: Van Halen for your PS3? Find out whether it is worth purchasing in this review.
    • Guide To Music Games on the Nintendo Wii: Guitar Hero Series
      Confused by the huge number of available guitar and full band games on the Nintendo Wii? Do you need to know which games feature the full band and which are guitar only? Our complete guide to Guitar Hero games on the Nintendo Wii will help you sort through the selection and find the perfect game.
    • Guitar Hero - The Dreaded Orange Note
      Ever tried to play the hard or expert difficulties, but just couldn't seem to hit the orange note? The fifth and final note in the Guitar Hero series, the orange note is one of the difficult, yet important aspects to master when moving to these difficulties.
    • Cheat Codes and Unlockables for Guitar Hero 3
      Find out how to unlock content and activate cheats in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on the Wii. This article includes several cheat codes and tips for unlocking content and completing the game.
    • Guitar Hero: Metallica Playstation 2 Review
      Your fingers will be black and blue after playing this Playstation video game if your a metallica fan because you won't be able to put it down until you've played every song a few times. Improved visual presentation and character models and extensive details make this a whole lot of metal for $60.
    • XBOX 360’s Guitar Hero III Achievement Guide
      A four part series on the achievements that are earned on the Xbox 360 console game of Guitar Hero III.
    • Guitar Hero: On Tour Review (DS)
      Fans of the Guitar Hero franchise can rejoice even further. The popular game is now available for the Nintendo DS. How does it do in comparison with the rest of the series? Read on for more.
    • Are there any Rhythm or Music Games on the PC?
      There aren't many rhythm games for the PC. Why not?
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