iMafia Tips: Tips for Property Purchasing


Just as with WarLords and iMob Online, iMafia relies on an adequate combination of paid missions, player infighting, and property accruement. The most important part of the game is going to be the real estate development because no other part of the game will end up making you as much money as that. This is the only consistent flow of iMafia cash that comes in a reasonable enough amount to end up paying for the increasingly high costs of weapons and iMafia team members. The best way to go about gaining properties in iMafia is to plan a strategy and do it right.

iMafia Purchasing Pattern

The first thing you have to consider is to begin your purchasing pattern right from the beginning. The second you get enough money to purchase an empty lot do so, and then try to hold off experience point gaining money making methods. Do just enough jobs to get the right amount of money, and since you are planning to invest in mostly real estate make sure you assign yourself to the Mogul class for those interested in property.

Begin investing in as much as you can, which means you will have to wait for large sums of money to accrue. Since you do not want to rely on jobs or fighting for cash this is going to be long periods of down time while the financial cycle runs through.

Try to save up as much as possible so you can consistently go upward in your purchasing. This means that you want to start purchasing more expensive and better paying property possibilities. This can be very difficult early on, but if you consistently stay with a program of little play and constant property purchase you will end up having a huge financial payout before you even reach the middle levels.

iMafia Mobsters

The big cost that is going to end up happening is the purchase of mobsters for your iMafia account. One can only control a maximum of five properties, so you are going to have to consistently buy more as you keep shopping. These are progressively more expensive the more you buy, so try to keep the all properties to the highest possible financial return ratio. This will make the purchase of each of these mob members useful instead of draining.