iMafia Tips: Real Estate Strategies to Make Money on Your Properties

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Different Than Others

iMafia is similar to other text based free iPhone RPGs in most ways, but much of its property system is much different. This stems largely from the increase in price that many of the properties have once you begin acquiring them. This requires a special calculation when done in conjunction with level squatting.

Balancing Act

Success in iMafia is determined largely by refusal to level up in a normal way. Instead of getting money from missions and fighting you should focus in on property instead, that way you can become far more wealthy and equipment heavy than competitors in your level. This makes you easier to defend against attacks and one of the top fighters if you choose to enter the ring. The problem ends up being that you have a limited number of properties to choose from when you are stuck on a lower level. What happens is that once you begin to purchase a large number of each they start to cost much more than they seem to be worth.

Evening Your iMafia Account

Since you can only have five properties for each mafia member, and you have to purchase your mafia members for an exponentially increasing price in iMafia, you have to consolidate a little bit. It may seem that you should always sell off your lower income properties and buy better yielding ones when you can but this is not always the case. This should be done for property classifications, as those with a higher level base site.

For example, once you have the resources to begin building Town Square real estate you should sell off all those built on the Outer City Lot. Do not do this for properties within the same undeveloped land set. The reason for this is that you will eventually make the price of building a specific type of property so expensive that it will not have a reasonable ratio of cost to return. What you want to do is trying to keep the number of owned properties relatively even, with a slight lean toward the higher yielding ones. Do this until you have a substantial number of each, then sell off just a few of your lower level properties from that class and use the money and free mafia control to buy the highest level one.

Once your properties end up costing four or five times what they originally did then it is time to begin leveling up until new properties are made available. Once they do you can start selling off old ones to buy new ones, as long as you see your annual income consistently going up.