Same Old: iMafia New York Review

Crime Statistics

Here we go again into a tired rendition of statistical wars on the streets of organized crime. If iMafia was not good enough now we have iMafia New York, a game that is identical to its predecessor in all fundamental ways. The excuse for iMafia New York according to its developer is that it is simply another city for those who want to start fresh.

On the more practical level, it is just a way for them to create another market in which to sell PlayMesh points and other PlayMesh pay games, like iShooter and iType Mafia. What you end up with in iMafia New York is a game that is virtually identical to iMafia and has no reason to be downloaded, unless you do not already have iMafia.

Wrapping the Same Gift Twice

It is difficult to judge iMafia New York on its merits independent of iMafia because it is just as good of a game as the previous version. What is insulting about this is that it is simply the same game. If you happen to be new to iMafia then iMafia New York is just as good of a choice for download, maybe even slightly better because some of the glitches had a chance to be worked out by PlayMesh.

Overall, the fact that the game is nothing more than a repackaging of its previous incarnation is worth our scorn. Just as in iMafia you buy weapons to perform jobs and fight other opponents. You get money and experience through these actions, and then you invest in real estate to get cyclical money. Yes, this is annoyingly familiar to anyone that even glanced at iMafia.

Lowest of the Low

Further explanation of iMafia New York is pointless not only because it is a carbon copy of iMafia, but also because it does not bring anything new to the text based iPhone RPG horde. PlayMesh lacks even the most basic originality in its effort to repackage its sloppy products. Even iRacing, or Race Wars as it is called, is a barely altered version of iMafia painted over with racing industry clichés. iMafia New York is a step below this and is just an attempt to get two of the same applications on your iPhone. Two and three quarters out of ten stars.

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