How to Add Crews to Your iMafia New York Account

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East Coast Style

iMafia New York, as the east coast rendition of iMafia Los Angeles, is another incarnation of the iMafia franchise. Here, as with the others, an internal mechanism is included for adding members to your mafia. With this, you have to use the monetary returns that you get in iMafia New York from missions, real estate, and fighting. Here is an easy guide to adding these mafia members in iMafia New York.

Adding to Mafia

When you are in the city, which is supposedly a branch of New York, go to the right hand side and look for The Godfather. This will be the tall building on the left hand side of the screen with the gold bars hovering above. Once you get in this building, go ahead and press the Godfather Offers button instead of the PlayMesh Deals one. When here go to the bottom of the screen to the long black bar that says “Hire a mafia member” in it. Go ahead and press it to change it into a grey button that says Hire Member in it. When you press it the final time you will buy the member for the price that was originally indicated on the right hand side of the box.

When to Add

Buy these mafia members for your iMafia New York account on a consistent basis so that you are able to complete missions and buy real estate. As the missions progress, you will be required to have certain numbers of weapons and vehicles. Each mafia member can only hold one of each, so that means that you will have to have an adequate number of mafia members in your iMafia New York account to compensate for what is needed. Likewise, you have to purchase more mafia members to control your real estate. Each mafia member can only control one piece of property, so as you buy more and more property you will need to get more mafia members. Real estate should be your main focus in the beginning of iMafia New York instead of leveling up, so this should force you into a good sized mafia that should be adequate for all of the earlier missions.

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