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Game Review of Bugdom 2 for the iPhone

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

If you've liked our previews review of Pangea's Nanosaur game for the iPhone, chances are you might like Bugdom 2 also. This iPhone game is being touted as the first full 3D platform game for the iPhone and is a best example of how the iPhone is turning to be a portable gaming device.

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    Gameplay and Controls

    Let's get straight to the meat of the app and discuss its gameplay. First, the basics - you assume the role of a bug task to do many tasks. From crossing mini-rivers, flying through platforms, kicking some human foot, picking up fruits and many more. It's pretty much your traditional adventure platform game from a traditional console device. The only difference is the fact that you're playing the game on the small screen of the iPhone and you're not using any game controllers to play it. Instead, you use the iPhone's accelerometer to move your character forward, left to right, and backwards. In addition, tapping on the iPhone screen will make your character jump. bugdom2 iphone Tapping on the iPhone screen twice will make him fly - he's a bug so he can definitely fly, right?

    Like any other iPhone game, Bugdom2 is pretty short. Just enough to make you finish it in a couple of hours. But you can always play it again to get all the stuff you need to get and collect.

    Overall, Bugdom 2 offers a great gameplay worthy of the small price you have to pay to have it installed on your iPhone.

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    This is where Pangea's game application really excels. Like Nanosaur 2, Bugdom 2 features a solid game environment with so many interactive elements and the game levels are well conceptualized and designed distinctly from each other. The main character though is a bit small although it suits him well since he was supposed to be a tiny bug. The graphics engine is also fast and seldom will you encounter any slowdown. The character move fluidly and you wouldn't really notice that you are playing a mobile phone game. It's like playing an adventure game in a PSP or DS Lite.

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    Another great feature of Bugdom 2 is the background and game sound. It's lively and suits the mood of the game well. Even the various sound effects as when the main character kicks the foot of the human adversaries to the sound of the water flowing on streams. Overall, Bugdom 2 performs well in the sound department as well.

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    Our Verdict

    Like Nanosaur 2, I highly recommend Bugdom2 as a worthy download for your iPhone. It currently sells for $.99 at the apps store so it definitely is a worthy purchase. Never mind if the idea of playing a bug sounds weird to you. Bugdom2 is a great 3D platform game for the iPhone and it might take awhile before we see another great game as this.