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reMovem Free Review: Popping Balls

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

A complete free version, but not a complete game to begin with.

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    Diet Gaming

    Often times the free or "lite" version of iPhone games are awkward demos of the paid version. They will be the general format, but only have one level or stage. If you actually enjoy the game then you will be tempted to purchase the full version. In the case of reMovem free, which recently hit the top of the free applications list on iTunes, there is little more that you could get from the paid version. There is little you could get from either version.

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    The game is an incarnation of the classic puzzle found on PDAs around the world. You are given an area of different colored balls. If you press on a grouping of balls, two or more of the same color, then you can make them disappear. All the balls above them will then fall down. The larger the group you eliminate then the larger the score you will get. The goal is to try to arrange your play to ensure that there will be large groupings that you will then be able to disappear at once, ensuring your high score.

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    Bare Bones

    It is hard to provide a number of options to a puzzle game, but reMovem does try. If you go to the info tab you have information about scores, options to change colors and sounds, and even whether or not you want the undo button available. This still does not do enough to save the repetitive gameplay. Some specialty levels and different backgrounds would have been a nice touch. The paid version does not do much better in the way of options, but there are a few more. For the most part you remain on a static level filled with rainbow balls.

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    If you like this game you have likely played it before and those new to it might fit right in. For most people it will be a little casual fun, but not enough to keep them over time. This version is free so it is not too costly to try it out, but the paid version should definitely be avoided if you aren't a die hard fan. Four and a half stars out of ten.