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Watch Your Crew

Star Command requires players to add members to their Crew throughout gameplay. Without an ample crew size you will not be able to control enough property from the Cosmic Realtor, win in Warstar or go on more lucrative missions from the Traveler’s Conclave. There is a certain pattern that this should be done in, and a couple of different ways to do it in Star Command.

Visit the Intergalactic Consular

When you decide it is time to add members to your Star Command Crew start out by going to the Intergalactic Consular on the far left of your galaxy. Go to the bottom of the Consular display and hit the Consular Offers button. At the bottom of this screen will be a bar that says “Hire a crew member” with a listing of your Current Crew Size directly above that. In the “Hire a crew member” bar there will be a price set, which is what it will cost to add a Crew member. Press down on this bar and it will change into a grey bar that says “Hire member” in it. Press it again and you will purchase the Crew member.

Star Command Expenses

The price of the Crew member goes up after each one you acquire. Eventually these become one of the most expensive things you have to purchase in Star Command. Since most of your money should be focused on the Cosmic Realtor you should purchase Crew members only when you need them or if you have a huge surplus of money that comes from ignoring play for an extended period of time.

PlayMesh Points

You can also hire Crew members in Star Command by using PlayMesh points. You will start out Star Command with ten PlayMesh points, but it will cost twenty PlayMesh points to purchase two Crew members. This means you will actually have to purchase a volume of PlayMesh points to be able to buy the Crew members in Star Command. If you do this, you should wait until you have a few dozen Crew members already to use the PlayMesh points on them. The main reason for this is that at that point the cost of Star Command Crew members will be so expensive that the PlayMesh point cost will be more than worth it.

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