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Robot Fight - Fun Fight on the iPhone

by: dipima ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

iPhone features Robot Fight, a cute fighting game of two red and blue robots. The interface of the iPhone game is simple and it will keep you engaged whenever you are without any work. Try out this fun game and enjoy a good time.

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    Watching robots fight can be interesting and fun too. iPhone includes a fun game of two punching robots, developed by Sean Rogers. The one with the fastest punches wins the game. Robot Fight is an addictive game with red and blue robots fighting each other. The fighting game is designed for only two players. The fun part is that you can challenge your friend in one iPhone screen and win the game.

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    Simple Interface

    The interface of Robot Fight is simple enough and does not need much research to understand the game. There are two fighting robots, just like the popular red and blue boxing robot toys of our kid times. The iPhone game requires two players. The two robots enter the ring, fight with each other, one wins and the other leaves the ring. The robots will start fighting the moment you tap on the 'punch' button. Make sure that you keep on taping that button until one robot wins the game. I found the game interesting enough to keep glued to it. It's like reliving those kid fun days with tiny boxing robot toys. But honestly, Robot Fight can be a good contender for a fun pastime. Playing the iPhone game with two players is fun but I enjoy playing it alone too. It really does not matter which robot actually wins. Each time the robots punch each other, there is a typical punching sound in your iPhone. In each round, a robotic voice will be heard counting down the start.

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    The iPhone game is fun to play. But it can get a little irritating at times when you have to keep on tapping the 'punch' button repeatedly till the game gets over with one winner. When one robot wins, the other one leaves the ring. It is as simple as that. But considering its fun fight, Robot Fight will never give you a spare moment to get bored.

    Robot Fight can be downloaded from the App Store at the cost of $0.99. This is nothing for a fun game like this. Trust me, this can be your best fun pastime while waiting for food at a restaurant, or riding the bus or train.