Need for Cheese - The Cheese Story with an iPhone Twist

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Need for Cheese is a wonderful fun game that iPhone users will love to play. It features a simple but addictive gameplay with a cute looking mouse who is addicted to cheese. It is a single player iPhone game, where you need to keep the mouse alive while it chases down cheese pieces to eat. Beware, there are cats around, and lots of them! Developed by Spielhaus, I found Need for Cheese interesting enough to keep me glued to the iPhone screen for a long time.

Features (4 out of 5)

Need for Cheese incorporates simple and easy-to-pick-up controls that make the iPhone game more addictive and amusing. Need for Cheese also includes cool 2D environment, where you have to keep chasing cheese pieces while trying to survive as long as possible.

There are three difficulty levels in the iPhone game. Each time you cross one level, the number of the enemy cats increases, thus making the fun game more challenging for you. You need to keep yourself safe from the danger of cats, because once you are hit by the cat paws, your score will go down. The iPhone game has a tilt feature that allows you to direct the mouse whichever way you want. So, your job is to help the mouse get the cheese and avoid the cats. Need for Cheese includes sweet sound effects that will definitely draw your interest to the iPhone game.

The most interesting feature of the fun game is that it can be interrupted at any point of time. There is an auto-save feature that saves the game automatically in case you need to stop the game in the middle for any reason. Need for Cheese also features small memory footprints, so you don’t need to restart your iPhone in order to start the game from where you left it.

Players can improve their score by getting the mouse to eat more cheese. There are bonus points, as well, to earn in the iPhone game. Besides, you can put your score online and compare with your friends.


You can download Need for Cheese from the App Store for as low as $0.99. Install it on your iPhone, and you are definitely going to love the little mouse. Meanwhile, I will keep myself busy with the mouse’s cheese-hunting mission!