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Just a City Boy: Mark of Mafia: Rule the City Review

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some useful tips for hitting top levels in Mark of Mafia: Rule the City

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    Going Urban

    Mark of Mafia: Rule the City really is a new game in the Mark of Mafia stream, similar to the way the original iMafia evolved finally into iMafia III. With this game you will find that many of the same tips and tricks that worked on previous versions, or other free text-based iPhone MMO RPGs, are not going to be as valid. Instead, you have to approach it in an entirely new way. Here are some tips for this new incarnation.

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    In the Beginning

    The first thing you have to note with this game when you are starting out is that you cannot just get going the way you would with other free text-based iPhone MMO RPGs. Instead, you have to deal with a plotting system that mimics a tutorial base.

    At the same time, you have to deal with the fact that you must level up to actually get different areas of the game design. If you get to level five you will have most of what you need, so this is a good place to plateau out for a while. While you are here, you should work on building up your mafia family, inventory and investments. Do not begin leveling up again until all are sufficient. You should think about performing jobs only as a way of getting experience points, not getting money.

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    Sight and Sound

    The Mark of Mafia series is known for running slowly, and Rule the City continues this trend. The best way to avoid this is to disable both graphics and sound. This is really the only way to be able to interact with this game on a regular basis.

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    Mark of Mafia: Rule the City Family Codes

    You need to start adding people to your family with a frenzy right from the beginning of the game. The Family Code system is in play here, so begin spreading your Family Code around as much as possible The Family Code is like your distinct address, and people can enter your Family Code to find and invite you to their family. You can enter other player's Family Codes in the Consigliere section of the Family. Be completely non-discreet with spreading your Family Codes.

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    Cat Fight

    When you are fighting people you will want to ensure ahead of time that you can win the fight. It is important to stick to those that have significantly less family members than you do. Try not to fight until you are over level fifteen, and make sure that you stalled on each level.