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iPhone Game Reviews: Tiny Wings Review

Imagine yourself as a tiny bird with tiny wings. What is the one thing that you’ll dream of doing, even just for a moment? Fly into the air, right? This is the premise of this game aptly titled “Tiny Wings”. Does the game have something bigger to offer? Read on to find out.

High School Hero Game Review

Go back to school and rule in High School Hero. Become the head cheerleader or beloved jock. Date your crush, bully the bullies, and compete with others for status. Discover what Zhurosoft’s popular iPhone game has to offer students and alumni in this review.

iPhone Game Review: Robofix Review

Robofix is an iPhone game with simple gameplay but tons of missions to play and complete. Featuring a robot tasked to collect different parts scattered on various levels, the game features a nice hand-drawn background. Read on to find out whether you should give Robofix iPhone a go or not.

iPhone Game Review: Bubble Ball Review

Recently, a new simple and yet addictive iPhone game has dislodged long-standing top game Angry Birds (the free version) from being number 1. The new game designed by a 14-year old game developer is called Bubble Ball. Read our Bubble Ball review and find out why this game has topped the charts.

Review of Burn the Rope (iPhone)

Find out just how hot the Burn the Rope game is for the iPhone. Don’t be bored with regular iPhone games, read our review of this wonderful iPhone game and find out all about the gameplay, how much it costs, where to download it and take a look at some real screenshots!

iPhone Game Review: Infinity Blade Review

There are many great games in the App Store right now. But none so far has ever been as great looking as Infinity Blade. Featuring great graphics, flawless animation, and excellent game physics, this action-RPG takes the iPhone’s graphics prowess to the limit and turns out to be a great iPhone game.