Guide to Jewel Quest 3 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Guide to Jewel Quest 3 Cheats, Tips and Tricks
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The Jewel Quest 3 cheats, tips and tricks come in handy to aid Rupert, the main character travel across the globe on his quest to save his daughter. In an effort to find out how to win in Jewel Quest 3, you must help Rupert pass through the automated Silver Quests which in turn are key to unlocking the Gold Quests. In the midst of all this Rupert also needs to complete the Hidden Quests in each Region.

Jewel Matching Prowess

The stacking of jewels on the board unfortunately is purely random. To accomplish your task of matching the jewels, focus your jewel matching efforts on the lower end of the board. That way you displace as many jewels as possible on the upper end of the stack. If you can match horizontal and vertical sets of jewels simultaneously then go for it.

Silver and Gold Quests

When presented with a Silver Quest you will be required to complete it following the general rules of Jewel Quest 3. On completion of a Silver Quest, you will be able to take a Hidden Quest which can be identified by looking for the label “Hidden Quest”. Completing these will unlock the Gold Quest.

Secret to Hidden Quests

While in Central America you can match four coins in a row to unlock the hidden quest. While in Iceland you can melt three ice blocks at a go. In South America you can force Sebastian your opponent into a tie.

In Europe match the first three moves of Emma or Hani, your opponents by watching their moves really carefully before the chain reaction of jewels exploding sets in. In Africa, you need to make a horizontal match of five gold lion coins. In Oceania you need to collect at least 150 Silver coins in the same location. In the North Pacific you must not allow white pearls to drop off the board and you must not match more than three of them. Finally in China you should not let any monkeys fall off the edge of the board.

Bonus Quest

To get to the Bonus Quest in Hawaii you need to complete the entire game. When Rupert’s family comes in front of the Museum tap on the entrance and read the newspaper story. Close when done. Enter the Map room and you will be positioned in Hawaii. This Bonus Quest has difficult puzzles to solve.

Single Spaces

Single spaces at the top of the Jewel Quest 3 board should be filled as quickly as possible since these are not in your control and are determined by falling jewels at random. The earlier you get them out of the way the better. Also for other single spaces, concentrate on a single area of the board and do not let too many matching jewels of the single type cluster together. You could lose all your efforts during the next shift.

Final Tips

Work around the edges as these are usually more difficult to match than at the center of the board. Where there are black and white pearls, try as much as possible to match them so as to have them neutralize their effect. Avoid the bottom edge of the board when these pearls are involved to prevent them falling off the board.

Where there are Encased Jewels, they must be matched twice. The Silver Beetles must be matched with no less than six of them before they fly off the edge of the board. Start moving them towards an edge of the board as early as possible so as to corral them before you lose any.

These are some of the Jewel Quest 3 cheats and hints to get you off on your game. The rest of the game is somewhat random and you will just have to patiently make progress through the world as you play and if you follow these tips you are definitely on the right track for how to win in Jewel Quest 3. Read more about Jewel Quest 3 for mobile phones here. You can also check out tips on Jewel Quest 2.