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    • Chibi Knight - Kongregate RPG Review
      Chibi Knight ventures through the lands, collecting magical objects in a quest to save the kingdom in this flash game on Kongregate. Kongregate players can also score unique badges in the Chibi Knight action RPG.
    • All About Your Kongregate Avatar
      When you first sign up for a Kongregate account, you're issued a default avatar. Read on to learn more about your Kongregate avatar: how to change it, minimum requirements, and two Kongregate games that let you draw or select an avatar.
    • The Best Games on Kongregate
      Kongregate is a free social gaming website that allows players and developers to upload Flash games. Games are all user-rated, and Kongregate has a very active community. A great tour of Kongregate would be to play the best-rated games Kongregate has in each category, so here they are.
    • Infectonator: World Dominator Strategy Guide - Special Zombies!
      As you progress in Infectonator: World Dominator you will receive access to special zombies. These zombies, which can be deployed at will, have special powers that make them much better than normal zombies. This guide covers the best strategies for each special zombie.
    • Gaming Website Review: Kongregate.com
      Social networking is becoming more intimate with gaming as time moves on, and new websites like Kongregate.com, a flash-based game website promising to reach out to players and developers, hope to capitalize on this trend. But does Kongregate really offer anything new?
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