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    • Wii Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough
      Your games of Lego Indiana Jones for the Nintendo Wii will go a lot more smoothly if you know what to expect. Our Wii Lego Indiana Jones walkthrough will talk you through each stage of the game, explaining goals and some of the hazards you'll encounter.
    • Lego Battles Nintendo DS Review
      With a RTS concept, Lego Battles Nintendo DS game is a class apart from other Lego-based video games. The variety of missions and loads of Lego factions will certainly charm kids, seasoned gamers and Lego fans alike.
    • Cheats For Lego Batman - Nintendo Wii
      There's a whole heap of things to unlock in Lego Batman and Brighthub has all the codes you need.
    • Video Game Review: Lego Batman for Playstation 3
      An in depth review of the latest Lego video game, Lego Batman. Fnd out if the game is worth buying, or if you should just rent it for a rainy day.
    • Game Review: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, For Playstation 3
      Take an adventure through the Lego world of Indiana Jones!!!
    • Lego Mars Mission Cheat Codes
      Find a list of all the cheat codes for Lego Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict. This free online computer game is both fun and challenging, and these cheats will help you get the upper hand!
    • LEGO Universe MMO for 2010
      The makers of the brilliant plastic toy that occupied so much of our youth have been largely successful with their video game efforts. Now they’ve set their sights on the MMO pie with LEGO Universe, hoping the game won’t only be a hit with young players but those of all ages.
    • PS2 Lego Star Wars Cheats and Tips
      Lego Star Wars takes Star Wars to a new level with fun gameplay and exciting graphics. Lego Star Wars for the PS2 is chocked full of cheat codes and tips for beating the game, getting extra items, and buying new characters. Here are some of the best cheats and hints out there.
    • Lego Batman: Your Favourite Movie, Lego style!
      After the successful remakes stories of Star Wars and Indiana Jones made in Lego format, Travelers Tales directed their attention to one of the most popular super heroes – It's time for Batman, Robin and all the evil guys you ever met in the series to go Lego.
    • Lego Batman Game Review
      Lego Batman: the video game?
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