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    • Mafia Wars Bangkok: The Third Mafia Wars Expansion
      The long awaited Mafia Wars Bangkok Expansion makes the third city for Mafia Wars. Let's take a closer look at what's going on with the expansion city.
    • A Consigliere's Guide to Mastering Facebook Mafia Wars
      A Consigliere's Job is never done in the Facebook application, Mafia Wars. This article will help players with job requirements, item and cash rewards.
    • Soldier Job Tier - A Mafia Wars Facebook Game Guide
      Check out this Mafia Wars game guide and become a soldier of fortune. The Soldier Job Tier is the third job tier among the 9 job levels in New York. With the help of this guide, Facebook applications will be an easy quest.
    • Other Facebook Games Like Mafia Wars
      Mafia Wars is definitely one of the most addictive games on Facebook. In fact, it's such a hit that a number of other games are using similar themes and structures in their design. We'll take a look at some of these games and see how they compare.
    • Mafia Wars - Cuba's El Patron Game Guide
      Watch out for another Game Guide released for the popular Facebook game, Mafia Wars. With this entry, we focus on the Cuban job tier: El Patron. Find out how to get around this difficult level by learning the necessary items, energy points and tactics to gain the upper hand.
    • Bank Tips and Strategies in Mafia Wars
      With this guide to Zynga's Facebook application, Mafia Wars, learn how to save your hard-earned money without paying high bank fees. These tips and strategies will tell you when to spend your money and when to bank it.
    • Mafia Wars - Cuba's El Jefe Game Guide
      Journey on to Cuba for the El Jefe Game of Facebook's viral game, Mafia Wars. With the help of this game guide, battle rival gangs, engage in territorial disputes and claim dominance over this country. What are you waiting for? Check this out now and get your Mafia game on!
    • The Underboss' Guide to Mafia Wars
      Being the Viceboss in Mafia Wars isn't easy and you don't always know what you're supposed to do next. So this game guide for the Underboss Job Tier will be plenty of help for the discerning Facebook warrior.
    • Facebook: Mafia Wars Guide - Street Thug Tier
      We all have to start somewhere right? Beginning the Facebook application Mafia Wars and trying to master it means you have to start at the very bottom rung of the ladder. Of course, there is nothing lower than that of a lowly street thug. Don't worry - with this guide, you won't be one for long!
    • Mafia Wars - Hitman Job Guide
      Master the popular PC turn based MMO game, Mafia Wars with the help of this job guide. You'll need all your wits about you as you scramble for the right weapons in the Hitman tier.
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