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Lost in Blue 3 Action Replay Cheat Codes for the DS

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Lost in Blue 3, a survival lost on an island simulation game, has a few Action Replay cheat codes available to open up gameplay.

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    Lost in Blue 3 Coverart 

    Lost in Blue 3, originally titled Survival Kids, is a life simulation game where you are children lost on an island. It is basically a child’s version of the Lost series television show. Published by Konami for the Nintendo DS it was released March of 2008 and is a single and multiplayer game. It is rated E10+ by the ESRB rating system, which translates to everyone over 10 yrs old.

    There are many Action Replay codes for the Lost in Blue 3 game. You will need an Action Replay Code Manager to put the codes into the Nintendo DS. Remember to follow the directions for the Action Replay Code Manager fully before you put in the Lost in Blue 3 cartridge so that all of these cheat codes are going to be able to be fully functions and useful. And keep in mind that the Game ID (you’ll need this) is YL3E-35590DB5.

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    Action Replay “Sam” Codes

    These are the cheat codes to get stuff for the “Sam” character.

    • 100% Stamina – 22114e97 00000064
    • 100% Health points – 22114e96 00000064
    • 100% Water – 22114e98 00000064
    • 100% Food – 22114e99 00000064
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    Action Replay “Claire” Codes

    These are the cheat codes that will get you stuff for the “Claire” character.

    • 100% Stamina – 221154e7 00000064
    • 100% Health points – 221154e6 00000064
    • 100% Water – 221154e8 00000064
    • 100% Food – 221154e9 00000064
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    Action Replay “All” Codes

    These cheat codes will give you all of something, depending on the code.

    • All Characters – 2211f1ed 0000001f
    • All Events – 0211f1f4 ffffffff
    • All Tools, Furniture, Material, Etc – d5000000 000000ff, c0000000 00000008, d8000000 0211f1ae, d2000000 00000000
    • All Recipes - 2211f1e3 0000001f, d5000000 000000ff, c0000000 00000007, d8000000 0211f1db, d2000000 00000000
    • All Animals, Seafood, and Plants - d5000000 000000ff, c0000000 0000000b, d8000000 0211f1a1, d2000000 00000000
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    Action Replay “Time” Codes

    All of these cheat codes for the Action Replay use time as its main function.

    • “Select” will Rewind Time - 920e7054 00000004, da000000 022121e8, d4000000 ffffffff, d7000000 022121e8, d2000000 00000000
    • “Start” will Fast Forward Time - 920e7054 00000008, da000000 022121e8, d4000000 00000001, d7000000 022121e8, d2000000 00000000
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    For those that enjoy simulation games such as Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and those in that style will enjoy this game. There is a simple basic platform to the game, you’re stranded on an island and need to survive. So it’s a little “Lost” and a little “Survivor”ish. If you are a fan of the shows, you’ll get a few hours of fun out of the game as well. Good luck and have fun with Lost in Blue 3.