How to Play and Win the Turbo Pizza Game – Strategy Tips and Hints

About the Turbo Pizza Game

Turbo Pizza game screenshot

The story revolves around a young entrepreneur named Rebecca, who decides to go into the pizza making business with her friend Robert. Their goal is to build two restaurants into a profitable franchise. Can you help them succeed?

How to Play

Turbo Pizza screenshot

In each Turbo Pizza game restaurant, there are multiple levels to complete. For each one you need to earn a specific amount of money.

Inside both restaurants you will see a large rounded counter. This is where your customers wait to be served. Robert will prepare the food behind the counter. You control Rebecca, who is responsible for taking care of all customers who arrive.

When customers arrive, give them a menu by clicking on the counter space directly in front of them. Food and drink orders will display as thought bubbles above the customer’s head.

Next, the orders will need to be completed. For pizzas, select the appropriate topping chosen by the customer. Place the uncooked pizza in the oven. When completed, you will hear a beeping sound. Snacks and coffee require a small amount of preparation. Click on the appropriate apparatus to prepare the item. Wait a few seconds and the food item will appear. Other items like cold drinks and pastries can be picked up directly from their respective stations.

When the food and drink items have been picked up, place them on the countertop in front of the appropriate customer(s). After they have finished eating, collect the money. Repeat the above process until time runs out. You can move on to the next level if you successfully completed your monetary goal.

You win the game once you finish all levels in both restaurants.

Upgrading Items

In between game levels is the upgrade screen. With the money you earned from playing the game, you can purchase items to improve your kitchen’s equipment, get new stuff that will help you earn more money as well as enhance Robert or Rebecca’s individual performance.

Bonus Rounds

In the Turbo Pizza game bonus rounds, you will match items to earn extra points. Typically, this is displayed as two pizzas side by side. As toppings move down from a conveyor belt, you attempt to match as many pizzas as you can before the time runs out. The money you earn from this can be used towards additional upgrades for your restaurant.

Game Tips

  • Chaining actions will earn you more money. For instance, deliver multiple food or drink items at one time. The easiest chains are cold drinks, pastries, menus and collecting money since they require no preparation.
  • After completing each level, buy the most expensive upgrades you can afford. This will be important when you reach the tougher levels, since game play becomes faster with higher numbers of customers.
  • Keep an eye on your customer’s mood bar (displayed above their head). The bar will be green when they are happy. When the bar changes to yellow and orange it means they are getting impatient. If it becomes red you are in danger of the customer leaving.
  • To decrease the chance of customers leaving, serve the impatient ones first. You can tell they are impatient if you see their mood bar change quickly.
  • A good strategy is to try and anticipate your customer’s orders. Set up items that require preparation like the snack and coffee station. Pizzas can also be prepared in advance without having to worry about burning them in the oven. They can also be thrown out without any money loss.