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Free online puzzle games

Puzzles have been considered one of the best pastimes for centuries. From plain Jigsaw puzzles to games like Sudoku and scrabble, all have pushed players to scratch their heads and use their grey cells to solve them with a keen interest. With the advent of computers and the internet, there has been a transition from board games and plain paper puzzles to online puzzle games. Here are some top online puzzles that are played massively:

Sudoku Party:

Sudoku was invented in 1979 by an American architect named Howard Garns and later became popular in Japan in 1986. It gained immense popularity in 2005 and was deemed an international hit. With the popularity of this number placing game, many game developers tried to make it more addictive. Among them, the article 19 group succeeded in making it more interesting by taking Sudoku to another level. Sudoku party allowed players to play in a collaborative online environment. The turn-based action pushed players to compete and complete the puzzle.

There can be four players in each game and the player who solves a particular puzzle first wins the game. There are hundreds of puzzles with three difficulty levels and two modes of game play. Sudoku party has a unique chat feature which allows group or one-on-one discussions. You will have to sign up with for free to play this online addictive game.

Bejeweled deluxe and Bejeweled 2:

When Bejeweled was released, it became one of the most popular puzzle games. Bejeweled challenges players to match gems. Players need to swap adjacent gems to create rows of three or more identical gems to remove them from the board. Bejeweled 2 is a new version of bejeweled and guarantees more entertainment. Popcap games certainly have proved that diamonds and gems are indeed forever! Players can play this game online for free.

Daily Jigsaw:

Jigsaw puzzles are every child’s favorite pastime. The idea of Jigsaw puzzles originated in Europe during the 1760’s. To make geography more interesting, European map makers pasted maps into wood and cut them into small pieces. This educational toy is still used in American schools where children learn geography by playing the puzzle maps. You will find many online jigsaw puzzles over the internet, but the most popular one is the daily jigsaw available at It is one of the most long time free games with a variety of puzzles. The themes vary from nature to wildlife and architecture. This free online game is suitable for both children and adults.