Guide to the Nine Most Effective The World Ends With You Pins for the DS

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There are over 300 pins total in The World Ends With You, including the evolved versions, custom pins, and unbranded pins. Unfortunately, damage always takes that efficiency percentage into account – and usually ends up giving you a lower total damage than you should be pulling. This is a list of the nine most effective pins – the ones that will ramp up your damage by increasing the multiplier. This only includes the base pins, not their evolved versions, and it does not include custom and unbranded pins. I’s important to note as well that the percentages given here are the maximum efficiencies, and the pins' percentages may vary by target.

The List

1. Live Slow, Die Fast: This pin has an efficiency percentage of 230%, which is the highest in the game. It’s dropped by 54 NH, and it allows you to pick up items and throw them for damage.

2. Egg Bomb: This pin has an efficiency of 200%. With this nifty little pin, you can touch any obstacle and booby-trap it so that it explodes the next time it is touched by an enemy.

3. Kewl Line: Like Egg Bomb, this has an efficiency of 200%. With this pin, you can press Neku and when you let go, he does a massive amount of damage. The longer you press Neku, the more damage you will do, but he is unable to move while pressed.

4. Kaleidoscope: Efficiency percentage of 150%. This pin will do double damage. If you press on unoccupied space, it will release a “bullet” that will explode on impact, and release shrapnel that will, itself, do more damage on contact.

5. One Stone, Many Birds: Efficiency percentage of 150%. This basically does the same thing as Kaleidoscope.

6. Jack’s Knight: Efficiency percentage of 115%. This psychokinesis pin allows you to “slash” over obstacles to hurl them out of the way in the direction that you are slashing. They do damage on impact.

7. Kinetic Warning: Efficiency percentage of 115%. The same as Jack’s Knight, but with a smaller attack rating.

8. Sexy +: Efficiency of 115%. Like Jack’s Knight and Kinetic Warning, but instead of throwing, you drag the obstacles around.

9. Sexy D: Efficiency of 115%. Like Sexy +, but with a smaller attack rating.