How to cheat in Empire earth III, the icheat command, the console

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Empire earth 3 is a real-time strategy game which focuses on building cities, expanding your kingdom and conquering distant civilizations. Much in the same vein as Caesar and other city-building titles, it allows the player to gather resources, population and other elements which ultimately expand your city.

There are a number of cheats available for the game, which can help you in almost all areas of progress. You can have more troops or increase resources for example.

Activating cheat-mode

In order to enable cheating in the game you need to bring up the chat window, which is done by pressing enter. Once you have the chat window type in ‘icheat’ as to enable cheat mode. You can then hit the chat window again and subsequently type your commands in.


loot You gain 10,000 of all resources available in the game. This cheat only includes raw materials, like ore, stone or fish (considered a raw material in-game) and not wealth or tech resources. These materials are used to purchase units or construct buildings

super cheat – This has various effects in the game. It overflows your treasury (coffers), it allows for maximum population and disables fog of war.

tech points – Will grant you with 50+ of technology points which are used so that you can advance in epoch and undertake research in the game.

sea monkeys – This allows whatever building to instantly be constructed, instead of having to wait the default time in order for this to happen.

win scenario – You can win the current map and advance to the next mission.

reinforcements – A further 100 troops are added to your existing army, allowing you to conquer enemy more easily and expand your empire without worrying about losses.

toggle fog – You can toggle the fog of war effect with this cheat, which I didn’t find particularly useful for anything.

era up – By typing this you can instantly advance one epoch in the game. Earth Empire is known for featuring epochs, or different eras such as the pre-historic age, stone age and so forth. The epoch featured in each of the series are different.

For more cheats available please visit the following link: