A cute twist on a common game

Match three colors seems to be a common theme in the causal online gaming world and Chuzzle by Pop Cap is no different. But what does this game have that addicts so many on the net? The cuteness factor. This simple to master yet hard to beat game will have you addicted once you begin to move the colored pompom’s with eyes that follow your mouse’s every move. Move each row till you match three colors of a kind. The larger the color matches the better the points and the bigger the bonuses. However match too many three in a row and you will find one of your chuzzles covered with a lock where you are unable to move that row up or down until you match chuzzle locked with other colors and destroy the lock.

Fill the vial to the left with matches and once filled watch it explode feeding your points and for every level completed you get bonuses. It’s a simple but addictive game where the young and old will enjoy. Why the young? This game is filled with fun hidden surprises that usually a child would discover before the adult. Click on the cute little furball and listen to the chuzzle giggle. Click on them continuously they suddenly sneeze. Because it’s so funny to watch them sneeze a child would keep on clicking them and the next time they sneeze they loose all their fur. Suddenly matching up the colors isn’t as important as watching the little chuzzles sneeze so hard that they are suddenly furless with a band-aid stuck to their head. But that’s not all, if you match lots of chuzzles together one large chuzzle will appear and you guessed it. Click on this large chuzzle many times and watch it giggle and wiggle. Click more it will not sneeze but look like its getting sick and click on it more you will know just how loud a chuzzle burps.

Child friendly, sneezing and burping aside this game is a mindless fun game. Want more of a challenge? There are different plays, the classic game, the timed game, the puzzle game and the zen game. Zen game? Well it’s like the classic chuzzle only more relaxing fun where there is no crazy locks but just time spent matching three or more colors of chuzzles to your hearts content and the only downfall of this game? You could find yourself unable to stop playing this game as the chuzzles’ eyes follow your mouse’s every move.